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Principals Andrew Clarke and Mark Vuong first worked together in 2013 when their respective companies were co-developing K Street Commons, a multifamily/mixed-use building in the Killingsworth neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. In 2017 they formed Hugh Construction and assembled a stellar team of experts to work with them.

Hugh Construction

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We are a local minority-owned design/build company with deep roots in the Portland community. We are known for great teamwork, a healthy working environment, and delivering outstanding buildings that are on budget and on time.

Our project managers and superintendents are very experienced in completing highly specialized, multifaceted projects, and we are uniquely qualified in tilt-up concrete construction. Our construction mastery is invaluable in the design phase of CM/GC and Design-Build delivery methods: we know what is feasible and have a large repertoire of means and methods to accomplish the goal.   

Our company may be small, but our work is not—in terms of talent, skill, experience, and results, Hugh Construction can compete with construction firms of any size while offering the personal touch you can only get from a smaller firm.

Hugh Construction is committed to providing contracting opportunities to qualified minority-owned and women-owned companies.

Licensed and Bonded in the State of Oregon: CCB# 234015

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